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Application Procedures for the Asia Foreign Study Scholarship-Macau Foundation Program


The Asia Foreign Study Scholarship (Macau Foundation) is a full scholarship program donated by the Macau Foundation to Education Forum for Asia to finance students from Asian and Pacific regions.The Education Forum for Asia (EFA) administers recruitment and relevant Chinese admitting institutions take charge of the routine management of the program.


There is 1 full scholarship provided for applicants from the Asia-Pacific Region for the 2013/2014 academic year.


Categories of Applicants, Duration of Scholarship and Language Requirement

1.         This program sponsors undergraduate students only;

2.         The duration of this program depends on the regular time limit of the admitting institutions. Please note that the expense for repeating a year’s study will not be covered in this program in case that the student fails to pass through to the next grade;

3.         Courses will be taught in Chinese, English, and Portuguese.



1.         By the deadline of applicants the students could apply to all the four of the following institutions: University of Macau, Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau Polytechnic Institute, and the Institute for Tourism Studies. 

2.         Applicants can apply directly to Education Forum for Asia, through the Chinese Embassy in the host country, or through their own embassy in China to Education Forum for Asia;

3.         Applicants should apply at the same time to both Education Forum for Asia and each admitting institution involved by extending the application materials required by their deadline respectively;

4.         The official websites and the deadlines of the universities are as follows:







University of Macau




Macau University of Science and Technology




Macau Polytechnic Institute




Institute for Tourism Studies





The applicants should send all the materials to Education Forum for Asia Committee, as well as finishing the online applications on the Universities’ website. Some universities need the applicants to pay the registration fees on their websites.

University of Macau: the applicants should fill in the Application Forms attached form1correctly and send all the necessary materials to Education Forum for Asia before the deadline otherwise you won’t get the admission letter.  The applicants will do as follows:

Fill in the Application Forms attached form1correctly and send all the necessary materials to Education Forum for Asia before the deadline;

Fill in the Application Forms attached form1completely

Provide the valid identity documents and the copy of passport.

Macau University of Science and Technology: the applicants should take the entrance examination, including Chinese, English and mathematics.

Macau Polytechnic Institute: the applicants should take the unified examination or the interview.

Institute for Tourism Studies: the applicants should provide the certificate of grade six in middle school or the same level. The applicants should fill in the application form online and pay for the registration fees online.



Applicants must be non-Chinese nationals from the Asia-Pacific region in good health, except for nationals having a scholarship provided by the Macau Foundation;

Educational background and age limits: Applicants for Chinese language study require only a high school diploma. Applicants must be under the age of 25.


Details of the Scholarship

The full scholarship covers tuition fee (including registration fee, experimentation costs, and research fees);

3,600 Macau Patacas living allowance is paid monthly;

Accommodation is provided;

Insurance, Medical care and international traveling are at students’ own expense.


Application Materials

All applicants must provide the following materials filled in correctly and truthfully.

Application Form for Asia Foreign Study Scholarship (and also Application Form for Macau University’s applicants)one original and one photocopy, in either Chinese or English;

A notarized copy of the applicant’s highest diploma. If applicants are university students or already employed, they should also provide verification documents. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must have translations in Chinese or English

Transcripts (notarized version)Transcripts in languages other than Chinese and English must have translations in Chinese or English;

A photocopy of the front page of a valid passport.


The above mentioned materials should be received by the Education Forum for Asia by March 31. Application materials will not be returned regardless of whether or not the applicants are accepted by the Chinese institution.


 Selection of Institutions and Discipline

Applicants for this program may choose at the same time to 2 institutions and 2 disciplines in each institution among all full-time institutions and academies in Macau Special Administrative region;

University of Macau and Institute for Tourism Studies are warmly recommended;

Available disciplines include: Public Administration, Law, Business Administration, Tourism/Hotel Management, Chinese and Portuguese, etc.



Approval and Notification

The EFA will review all the application materials from the appointed authorities when the application for the above-mentioned University is approved. The application will be seen as invalid and will not be processed if the applicants are not qualified, the application materials are inconsistent with the recruitment regulations, or are incomplete. The eligible application materials will be forwarded to the Macau Foundation.

Finalized placements, disciplines and duration of studies are, in principle, not to be changed.

The EFA will send the List of Enrolled Students and an Admission Notice to the relevant dispatching authorities by the deadline July 31, 2012, so as to have these documents forwarded to the students.


Contact Information


Education Forum for Asia Secretariat

Address: Room 1211, Building D Power Land , No 17 Fuxing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P. R. China, 100036






E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.